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Meet Marta Caires

Workforce Challenge:

Marta Caires, had extensive work experience in the travel industry, but when the company where she worked for seven years laid her off, she realized her experience wasn’t enough to find a new job. Being unemployed led her to go back to school and shift careers in a demanded profession. She pursued Human Resources, applied to jobs, but now inexperienced in the field, she still wasn’t able to find employment.


Workforce Solution:

Marta reached out to the South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Centers - Torrance. Marta was guided in writing a resume and provided with valuable interview tips. She also received encouraging words from her case manager that reminded her of her work experience and the skills she had to offer.

Outcome and Benefits:

Marta felt confident during her interviews. She participated in a hiring event and was offered a job with Duty Free Shopping at LAX.

“I felt very positive as I was being guided by experienced professionals, who knew exactly
what I’ve been through and knew what I needed to do next.”

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