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Meet Frank Martin

Workforce Challenge:

Frank G. Martin, a low income individual living in a transitional housing program as required by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) was referred to South Bay Business and Career Centers - Inglewood by his Parole agent for employment and training services in early September 2017. Since his release in 2016, after serving a 20-year sentence, Mr. Martin has struggled with long periods of unemployment due to his limited work experience.

Mr. Martin attended an orientation in September 2017 where he disclosed having served in the United States Navy prior to his incarceration. Mr. Martin was deemed eligible and subsequently enrolled in the WIOA adult program, co enrolled in the Veterans Employment-Related Assistance Program (VEAP) and in the Reentry program with Friends Outside Los Angeles.


Workforce Solution:

Due to his limited work history, the immediate need was to assist him with developing a career pathway plan to reach his desired employment objectives. Mr. Martin was immediately referred to

AJCC co-located staff – EDD Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP) specialist to maximize his employment goals and to access additional coordinated Wagner Peyser resources and services.

​After working with his case manager through a comprehensive assessment, he was able to successfully develop an individual employment plan. Mr. Martin decided to pursue VEAP funded occupational skills training at RWM Fiber Optics in the city of Carson where he began his Fiber Optics Broadband Technician program in late September, 2017.

Outcome and Benefits:

He successfully completed his training program in March 2018, obtained industry recognized certifications, and successfully secured full-time employment with El Segundo based, Outsource Inc. as a Fiber Node Technician. In less than a year following his program enrollment, Mr. Martin has made a successful reentry into the community. He is now gainfully employed, and intends to pursue additional career advancement opportunities within the Construction and Utilities sector.

“I am grateful for the opportunities ahead of me thanks to the One Stop and all the wonderful help they have provided me along the way.”

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