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Meet Katrina Arnold - Torrance

Workforce Challenge:

Katrina Arnold, mother and college student was unemployed and had to take a year off college to focus on getting a job to meet her own, and her family's needs. Unsure of finding a stable job she sought assistance at the Torrance One-Stop where she enrolled in the Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) program.


Workforce Solution:

Katrina was placed at the Torrance Chamber of Commerce. She interviewed for a position and was hired immediately. Her outgoing personality and public speaking skills were acknowledged as she excelled while being with Chamber. Katrina was concerned she would be out of a job as she was approaching her end date with the TSE program. She went on a few interviews and was pending a start date with another employer.

Outcome and Benefits:

Katrina was offered a full time position with the Chamber and they were willing to match her starting pay rate. Shortly after finishing with TSE program she started as a full time employee.

“The SBWIB has helped shape my life into a more promising future. Before I joined the TSE Program I just had a daughter and took a year off from college. Not sure on how to find a reasonable job or a job that will be long term until I entered the program. I worked at the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce for 10 months under the WIB pay. Donna Duperron the president & CEO of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce hired me as her staff member. This was so amazing and heartwarming to me to say I work for an amazing and credible organization. If it weren't for the SBWIB I would have never been referred to the Chamber.”

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