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Meet David Quintin - Pasadena

Workforce Challenge:

David Quintin, 52, married with a teenage son, was out of work for a year due to corporate downsizing that closed his facility and resulted in the layoff of all employees. He had worked for the east coast based vitamin manufacturing firm as a procurement specialist.


Workforce Solution:

David’s wife worked part time and was enrolled in an employment program called the Greater Avenues for Independence. She urged him to look into it and that‘s when he found out about the many no cost services and classes available through local One Stop Worksource Center. David entered into the Job Club Program through the Foothill Worksource Employment Center in Pasadena and gained valuable networking skills. He was also assisted in streamlining his lengthy resume to make him more employable. His caseworker referred him to potential employers for interviews and he was hired by a nonprofit organization called, 'Outward Bound Adventures' to fill an office administrator position under the Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) Program last June.

Outcome and Benefits:

When David finishes his TSE training program in March 2017, the non-profit company intends to hire him full time as a Deputy Director with a significant increase in responsibilities and salary.

“The Job Club gave me valuable resources and job preparation skills, especially in the area of resume writing. I appreciate their dedication to helping people like me get back into the workforce.”

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