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Meet Jenny Victorio - Inglewood

Workforce Challenge:

Jenny Victorio is a 19-year-old, Inglewood resident who is constantly trying to improve herself. Upon first learning about the Inglewood Teen Center and the various enrichment programs, academic assistance and employment workshops offered, she asked the Center’s staff for assistance.


Workforce Solution:

She enrolled in the Blueprint Program, which is a 30-hour, introductory course that focuses on the qualities and skills necessary to prepare youth to begin the job searching process. Upon completing the training, she immediately put the skills she learned to use at the 2014 Blueprint for Workplace Success Youth Job Fair. She interviewed at the event and was hired by Party City. William Vasquez, District General Manager for Party City, said that he hired Jenny because he was impressed with how well she interviewed at the 2014 job fair. He noted her professionalism and positive disposition. “Jenny is a very positive person. She just gets it,” he said. It was that positive attitude and professionalism that led Mr. Vasquez to make Jenny the Senior Recruiter at this year’s Blueprint Job Fair. Jenny went from being an interviewee one year to interviewing new candidates about Party City’s employment opportunities the following year at the same event.

Outcome and Benefits:

Now a first-year student at California State University Dominguez Hills, she is quick to point out the turning point to her success. “Without the (Blueprint) program, I wouldn’t have been confident enough during the interview process,” Jenny said.

“My main goal right now is to continue school and get my degree. I am so grateful to the Inglewood Teen Center and Party City for giving me an opportunity to improve myself.”

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