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Meet Destiny Williams - Redondo Beach

Workforce Challenge:

Destiny Williams, 21, of Redondo Beach, came to the Beach Cities One-Stop looking for assistance in looking for work and hoping for a fresh start. As a single parent to a two-year-old daughter, Ms. Williams was juggling those responsibilities with looking for employment, all while also attending Los Angeles Southwest College part-time. Given all the time and responsibility commitments, Ms. Williams did not have the depth in her work experience to secure full-time employment.


Workforce Solution:

Ms. Williams was a CalWORKs participant and met with the Beach Cities One-Stop staff which placed her at The Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce where she was able to assist with the update and maintenance of the Chamber’s Mobile Application, among other duties. After reviewing Ms. Williams’ obstacles, assessing her skills and determining her goals, it was determined that Ms. Williams was a perfect match for the Summer Youth Employment Program.

Outcome and Benefits:

Ms. Williams worked on data entry and promotion, particularly for the annual Redondo Beach Lobster Festival. She successfully completed her 20 hours of Pre-Employment Training and 100 hours of Paid Work Experience with flying colors. Her Supervisor stated “She (Destiny) is a joy to have and wonderful help to us!” As of October 1st Ms. Williams will begin as a full-time Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce Data employee giving her the economic stability that her family needs.

“She (Destiny) is a joy to have and wonderful help to us!”

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